Crop insurance secures principal

Securing outputs with USDA backed crop insurance


IAF Investment Partnerships are structured to optimize crop insurance and other risk management programs from the US Department of Agriculture.

In most cases, the investment principal is totally secured by a crop insurance policy covering a minimum yield and price for the various crops produced by the partnership.

Farmland control and irrigation technology are pillars of our strategy

Controlling farm and field operations

IAF experience in farming and field operations has resulted in tight protocols and layers of consultants and experts to check the fields regularly; IAF monitors the operations closely to the smallest disbursement.

Regular on-site visits and reports by IAF hired consultants maintain a constant pressure to excecute on the production.

Through the partnership, farm operations are well funded and have access to top irrigation technology and the most advanced fertilizers and pesticides.



Hedging and enhancing profits with IAF Market Operations Desk

IAF uses advanced proprietary hedging techniques to secure a minimum floor price for its production. In effect, the IAF Market Operations desk hedges against a negative move in then price of commodities it controls while leaving open significant upside resulting from the natural volatility of these markets.  Opportunistically, IAF generates enhanced profits s by lifting up its floor price on any spike up in the futures and commodities markets.