The smart way to profit from the Ag. commodity trade

In this constantly shifting economy and erratic financial markets, customers and institutional investors are increasingly in need of a real investing edge to help them meet their specific goals and requirements. IAF (Integrated Ag Financial) is committed to developing investments formats that secure investor's principal and target elevated returns. Through competent and responsible Ag. investment management, we can provide our select investors with "tough to match" risk adjusted returns.

What we do

IAF LLC is an Investment Manager for Agricultural Commodities opportunities. As such, we act either as General Partner in Limited Partnerships structured to benefit our investors, or as Fund Managers.

Most of our current activities are in Arizona and California.

As Ag investment managers, we use all tools to protect our investor's capital while generating elevated returns.

Our Services


What distinguishes us

Expert Ag. commodities strategies that achieve proven results:

IAF Investments integrate  physical control of Ag commodities at production price levels, crop insurance risk management solutions and advanced derivatives hedging and profit enhancements techniques.


This synergy creates an extremely favorable risk adjusted investment profile with elevated net returns.

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