IAF LLC: A team of experts

When it comes to investing, trust is important. That is why we place particular value on personal relationships and transparent communication. Our reputation among our investors speaks for itself.

A great majority of our investors reinvest in new partnerships when they open up for subscription, and all IAF investors have had returns superior to 14%.

A Closer Look at IAF LLC:


IAF opportunities are structured based on the ability to secure most or all of the invested principal and, in most cases, a preferred return to Investors. We are confident that the upside will take care of itself; Our track record has established it.


The strategy guiding our investment was elaborated in 2010 and has been  implemented since March 2011 with multiple transactions, all successful.

IAF uses crop consultants and experts in all fields of operations and insurance. IAF Advisory Board strives to select the best and brightest, in a contant search for the optimal course of action.

IAF is currently looking for expert farmers and farm managers with proven track record of production for at least five years. This is a great opportunity to integrate a winning team of specialists for the long run.


How to know more about investing with us

E-mail us or call us for a phone or meeting introduction. Please be aware that Partnership investments are currently exclusively reserved to Accredited Investors under the SEC (or Qualified Investors under the CFTC designation).

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